urban delta-scapes

At CINETIC, 2nd of June 2019 . Str Tudor Arghezi 3B, Sect 2, București

‘Urban Delta Scapes’ is a multimedia performance in which the sounds and images from the Văcărești Delta interact with live music, animated visuals and a choreographic act of gestures and movement.

The Delta is for us, an inspiration for a creative collective composed of motion graphic designers, musicians, dancers and researchers.

It is also a way of narrating an absolute victory of the nature over the city.

” We came to record the wet land to explore the wet land

The wet land
The wind
The birds

The frogs
The frog rattle

The girls
Lying down

The sound waves
Again and again

The silence of the girls
The unmovable bodies in the wind

The frogs
The wind
The birds.”

working with motion sensors, Anne Dubos, Cinetic, 2019.
Urban Delta Scapes, dancing with images & sounds, Anne Dubos, Cinetic, 2019
Andrea Belu, Anne Dubos, Frédéric Bevilacqua, Cinetic, 2019.
Stage design for dance & technology, Anne Dubos, 2019.